Shining Light on The State of Stablecoins

The report by and Dr. Garrick Hileman is the first of its kind to take a full look at the current state of the stablecoin market - an under-discussed but increasingly important part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. And a space where we expect to see significant innovation in the coming years.

Interview with Stasis

Interview Gregory Klumov, CEO & Founder of Stasis, a fiat-backed stablecoin based in Malta. This June, they introduced a euro-pegged stable coin, EURS, and outlined their aim of bridging the gap between decentralized finance and off chain markets. The Maltese Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, was at the launch event.

Interview with Preston J. Byrne

Preston J. Byrne has written critically about stablecoin projects, and is an outspoken and often-quoted critic of the current state in cryptocurrency , which we really need. Also: he loves marmots. Actually, that’s how we got in touch, through a marmot meme, but that’s another story.

On The (in)Stability of Stablecoins

This piece aims to prove that the only workable stablecoins are those that are composed of a simple (weighted) average of assets, more commonly called a “basket” or simply, “diversification of your portfolio”. It encourages regulators to focus on the topics of rehypothecation and commingling so as to not bring the failure modes of traditional finance into our crypto-financial future.

-By Bob McElrath

Interview with MakerDAO

We had the pleasure of conversing with the fantastic Rune Christensen, Founder of MakerDAO — makers of the stablecoin DAI — if you listen to our podcast, you probably are familiar with them. At the moment, MakerDAO allows anyone with Ether to deposit it as collateral and receive DAI, a crypto-collateralized stablecoin, in exchange. But many things are happening at Maker, including the collateral they accept, so we were really excited to learn more about the organization’s developments. 

Interview with The White Company

The White Company was founded in 2017 to provide the opportunity for clients holding cryptocurrency to purchase luxury goods without giving up their desire for privacy. As the business grew, it became evident to The White Company that there was a tremendous need for asset management and payment facilitation in cryptocurrencies. Last year, they announced the development of the White Standard, a fee-less, centralized stablecoin backed by fiat, as well as a payment solution in partnership with hedge fund Apis Capital.

Interview with SweetBridge

SweetBridge is an organisation with an over-arching vision and framework to power individuals, businesses and governments to transform global commerce and supply chains using their Blockchain based protocol stack, and their stablecoin, BridgeCoin.